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4.9 Average rating, 33 Total reviews

4.9 Average rating, 33 Total reviews

My goal is to provide expert Shopify services at prices and speeds that typical digital agencies simply can't match.

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Shopify development

, without compromise

Shopify allows business owners to build a website themselves. But Shopify has it’s limitations, particularly when compared to a platform like Magento.

I provide Shopify development services that are not only affordable for merchants of all sizes, but I also deliver results to the highest quality. Take a look at my client testimonials!

  • Magento to Shopify Migration

    They're both leading ecommerce platforms and fit a purpose in their own right. When Magento is just too big for a merchant that simply doesn't need the freedom and functionality it offers, Shopify is usually going to be the right fit. With extensive experience in both Magento and Shopify, we can make the transition simple and enjoyable.

  • Shopify Custom Development

    When there's no app to fit your requirements (and even when there is!), you need a Shopify developer that has the experience to both discover and develop the best custom solution for your website.

  • Shopify Performance Optimisation

    Shopify performs well out of the box, but often it's laden by multiple apps and unnecessary customisations or a heavy theme. Better performance means more sale, and thankfully Shopify performance optimisation is our speciality.

Shopify SEO, Design & UX

There are many puzzle pieces to a successful Shopify website; we know what works and how to assemble it

  • Shopify Design

    No off the shelf themes here. To succeed amongst your competitors, you have to stand out.

    A good

    Shopify designer

    knows the Shopify platform inside out and understands it's features, possibilities and limitations.

    Take a peek at the ecommerce websites we deliver here

  • Shopify UX and Best Practice

    Every project we deliver is optimised to achieve the best sales conversion rate possible. We have a strong emphasis on best practice in regards to the user experience of your Shopify website and keep up with the latest research to ensure we're delivering the highest quality service.

  • Shopify SEO

    Shopify is well optimised for SEO out of the box. But once you start customising a Shopify website, adding apps, locations, languages etc, your website's SEO needs can become more complex. Thankfully, with years of experience in the field of Shopify SEO optimisation and partnering with other SEO experts, we aim to deliver the most optimised version possible of your Shopify website.

We are Shopify masters

Having worked with the Shopify platform since the very early days, I know everything there is to possible know about what it can offer and how we can maximise your ecommerce budget.

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All of our projects

  • Are bespoke, no off the shelf themes
  • Are worked on by specialists - designers, developers, SEO experts
  • Are responsive and perform well on any device
  • Ship with a warranty

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We like to keep it simple

No Jargon, No Fluff

I believe in keeping things simple and direct. No sales’y speak, no upselling, no fancy agency talk. I aim to deliver straight forward and reliable magento development services


It’s important you have full visibility of what is happening and when with your online business. That’s why I ensure you’re in full control and have full visibility at all times

High Quality, Quick Delivery

With very little overheads and an attention to detail, you can expect the same (or better) level of standard you’d expect from an expensive Magento agency, at a significantly lower cost


With 10+ years of experience as a Magento developer and ecommerce expert, you can rest assured your website is in the best hands possible. I’m also fully insured for that extra piece of mind

““Burgess Commerce has been a key part to our online success !”

Andrew - Wayletts

12+Years Experience
20+Platform Migrations
60+Projects Delivered

We partner with some of the best in the business

Burgess Commerce has extensive experience working with some of the worlds most popular ecommerce platforms and maintains close partnerships with industry leading ecommerce services

We deliver beautiful ecommerce websites that produce real results.


We define your business goals and outline the project’s functional purposes and requirements. Our expert advice is offered at every step to ensure we’re working towards the right solution for your business.

Design and UX

With the blueprints in place, we proceed with the design process using a mobile first approach. We apply a visual design to the project with a focus on best practiceand conversion optimisation.


Using an agile development process we build a high quality website using the agreed designs and with your chosen platform.

Magento . Shopify . BigCommerce . WooCommerce . Shopware

Demo and Test

The solution is rigurously tested before handed over to you for review and further testing. Once we’re all happy with the website, we schedule a launch date and


The solution is rigurously tested before handed over to you for review and further testing. Once we’re all happy with the website, we schedule a launch date and

Improve, promote and grow

Optimise the shopper journey, enhance the user exprience rigurously tested before handed over to you for review and further testing. Once we’re all happy with the website, we schedule a launch date and

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I'm spend most of my time in London, but I work remotely with clients and other experts in many different parts of the world.

Do you meet with clients?

Handling some parts of the project are easiest done with a face to face meeting. I'm more than happy to travel to meet clients (within reason) for discovery meetings and review sessions.

How quickly can you make a start on my project?

As soon as the scope of work is agreed, the contract is signed and a deposit payment has been made, we can make an immediate start.

Is Shopify the best solution for me?

This depends on many factors, primarily your budget, goals and requirements. Shopify allows merchats to get up and running fairly quickly and with a great admin user interface it's a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. If you'd like to discuss which ecommerce platform is right for your business further, please get in touch.

What sort of clients do you work with?

I work with clients of many sizes and in many niches all around the globe, but mostly in the UK.

How do you price Shopify development work?

I don’t typically work on an hourly/daily/weekly basis (unless there’s a very good reason for it).

My estimates for work are based on individual tasks, a selection of tasks or a whole project.

For each task of set of tasks or project I will consider a variety of factors like the type of work involved (whether I enjoy it or not), the risk involved, the type of client, the value to the client, the tools I need to complete the task, the urgency of the task etc.

Do you only offer Shopify development?

I've worked in the field of ecommerce for many years and have experience with the majority of the popular ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopware and BigCommerce (and a few others that have now been and gone!).

My primary focus is Shopify development and Magento development, but if you think one of the other platforms above might be better suited to you, let's have a chat and find out.

How do you manage projects?

I believe good communication is essential and that you should have full visibility of your project. I typically implement a task management platform that you will have full access to.

That means you know what’s what’s currently being worked on and what to expect next. Communication regarding tasks is kept all in one place, making it easy to keep track.

Do you offer a monthly Shopify retainer?

I'm flexible when it comes to how you want to spend your budget. Just let me know what works for you.

Why Shopify?

Shopify allows merchants to get up and running online with ease, without the headache and complication that may come with other platforms. The primary advantage is it's ease of use compared with other platforms (like Magento), which allows you to focus on growing your business.

Responsibility & Non Disclosure

I respect my clients' privacy. I do not pursue any recognition for work undertaken and will be happy to sign an NDA where preferred.

Liability & Indemnity Insured

As is the nature of providing digital services, there’s always a small chance things do not go strictly according to plan. I maintain a Professional Indemnity insurance cover, for your peace of mind.

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Running a Shopify store isn’t easy. Doing so without a Shopify developer on hand to offer help, support and guidance is nigh on impossible

Anyone who has worked with Shopify for an extended period of time will be the first to tell you that there is ALWAYS something that needs fixing and without a Shopify website developer waiting in the wings, these troubles may soon become insurmountable.

Having established a reputation as one of the UK’s best

Shopify developers

, I made the decision to work on a freelance basis in order to offer the help and guidance necessary to as many online retailers as I could as I love to work with Shopify and have the knowledge, expertise and drive to deliver the best results that are on time and exceed expectations.

As a

Shopify specialist

, I’ve had the opportunity to work on all sorts of projects from retailing start-ups through to large, national online stores and everything in between and every project has been a privilege to work on and, most importantly, I’ve managed to deliver the desired results for my clients every time – a source of considerable satisfaction.

If you’re looking for an

ecommerce developer

in London, I like to think I’d be the perfect fit as I have an abundance of knowledge and expertise in not just designing but also developing functional, engaging and sales-orientated websites using various different platforms and programming languages with a particular emphasis on Shopify.

As a

Shopify specialist

, I’m proud of the standard of web development I have delivered for my clients and I continue to help them maintain their success.

If you’re launching an ecommerce store or already have an established set up and don’t have in-house resources to deal with your development needs, a Shopify developer in the UK is the ideal solution.

There is no job too big or too small so whether you’re looking for something as simple as small site changes or upgrades or a much more substantial undertaking like an entire site build, I treat each one and the same and provide the very best service to ensure your satisfaction.

Code quality is key

Having worked as a Shopify developer in London for many years now, I’ve been lucky enough to apply my Shopify development knowledge to retailers across so many different industries and this has given me the opportunity to really test my skills and learn new things day in day out, which is imperative for any

Shopify freelancer


Whether you’re looking to

hire a Shopify developer

for one-off, bespoke work or as part of an on-going project for a

Shopify 2 migration

, I have the expertise and capacity to deliver the calibre of results you’ll demand for your ecommerce store which will help take it to the next level. With both the skills and the desire to deliver the very best results, I’m pleased to have had the chance to work with such an expansive array of retailers over the last five years on such an eclectic range of projects.

Providing Shopify development at an affordable price with complete transparency is my overriding objective and both the affordability and quality of the work really does speak for itself.

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