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Onsite SEO

Duplicate content discovery, Canonical tags, www versus non-www, Search pages, Trailing slash issues, Pagination, W3C validation, Meta content, Site content, Site architecture, Magento rewrites and a plethora of other onsite SEO factors

Offsite SEO

Crawl issues, Mobile, Javascript use, Duplicate content and a plethora of other offsite SEO factors

Traffic Analysis

Impactful Google updates, Analytics review, visibility analysis

Link Analysis

Link profile, Link quality, Link distribution

The Ecommerce SEO Audit

Technical SEO recommendations for ecommerce sites are critical to their success as they tend to have a much larger number of technical SEO issues in comparison to non-transactional sites.


The majority of ecommerce platforms available on the market require significant effort to overcome these problems and Magento is no different. The good news is that Magento can power extremely SEO friendly sites when deployed the correct way.


I’ve spent countless hours perfecting the SEO audit to be the most definitive report available comprehensively covering your site’s SEO health.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a paramount element to any successful ecommerce website

If you’re an ecommerce store with a lot of products, high volumes of traffic and a desire to scale, chances are you will have chosen the Magento platform. This is a good choice and one that thousands of online retailers face each year.

You might think that once you’ve got your store live, the hard work is done but, in actuality, it is only just beginning and you’ll need ongoing marketing and SEO work in order to keep improving and enhancing your store’s reputation.

A lot of ecommerce retailers may have engaged in less than helpful SEO practices in the past that may now only be catching up with them and having a detrimental impact on their traffic and conversion rate. Carrying out a

Magento SEO check

is something that any retailer, big or small, should be routinely engaging in because ignoring best practice in the SEO arena may signal the death knoll of your online store.

As a well-respected Magento specialist, I am often asked to carry out Magento SEO audits on behalf of clients who want to get to the bottom of their site performance and I will offer recommendations and precise plans of action of the back of any findings that are uncovered during the auditing process.

The importance of Magento SEO health

The world of ecommerce is already competitive enough without being unnecessarily held back by SEO issues on your Magento store. Any Magento SEO audit that I carry out will deliver a comprehensive overview of the core technical and site structure problems that might be weighing you down and I will aim to showcase the opportunities you have to improve your SEO practices as a whole.

Having worked alongside ecommerce retailers of all sizes to assist them in overcoming what are often complex Magento SEO problems and recover drops in rankings and improve their sales performance, I’m well positioned to offer

Magento SEO health

checks for retailers across the UK.

My Magento SEO audits are tailored to your specific requirements and devised with the intention of delivering clear and actionable tasks which can then be carried out by you or your development team. The Magento SEO audit price can vary wildly depending on where you go to carry it out but I pride myself on the affordability and comprehensive nature of my audits and I have dozens of happy Magento clients who can testify to their impact on improving their store performance.

I aim to make my Magento SEO audit service as wide-reaching as possible in order to cover every eventuality and make sure your online store is in peak physical condition for delivering the sales and traffic that you crave. Typically speaking, one of my Magento SEO audits will be broken down into a number of core components which have been outlined below:

Link analysis – This will analyse the link profile of your Magento store with the aim of rooting out any potentially toxic links having a negative impact on your SEO. It will also offer insights on the most important metrics in relation to your links such as anchor text ratios, types of links, relevancy of links and also I aim to make recommendations on the sort of creative link building campaigns that would be effective for you.

Technical SEO issues – Something that I regularly encounter during a Magento SEO audit service is a whole host of technical SEO issues which are impacting site performance. This can range from problems like duplicate content through to site speed and crawling issues. I will highlight these problems during a Magento audit and make recommendations on how they can be remedied.

Site content – Crucial to the success of any Magento ecommerce store is ensuring that content is spot on across the site. One of my audits will explore the content across the whole site and report on meta content, site architecture, URL structure, Robot.txt, on-page content and any other potentially important issue that could be improved upon. Following the audit, I will provide a set of actionable resolutions to any problems highlighted.

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